Thursday, 24 July 2008

Branded social networks

They accepted me! (My New -New Look's new social network) After a short wait they've decided I am cool enough to enter their site. So I have and subsequently have forgotten why I was so keen to get in.

It is my hope that they are able to follow up the hype with something spectacular to reward me for joining. Some instore discount would be good. Or at least something back for providing the feedback on their website that they keep asking for. Time will tell.

Though at least it has a good focus of fashion and music- a good connection to their brand and their target audience.

I shall keep you informed of any developments. It shall be interesting to follow up how a high street chain can make use of this medium. A tactic that no doubt a lot of companies are doing at the moment before they test the water. Best to learn from someone else's mistakes. Though if others hold out too long soon there the market will be cluttered with little room for yet another network.

My advice would have to be to dip your toe in. There doesn't appear to be many sharks, yet. I think consumers' are still sympathetic to new sites starting out and finding their way though it may not be long before their expectations and tolerance rises.

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